Is being fat actually unhealthy?

Every other day I will hear some people arguing about how eating clean while being obese makes you healthy, or being on a diet is dangerous. That makes me wonder, is being fat actually unhealthy? Or is it the poor nutritional choices? Can this be yet another myth for scammers to sell us weight-loss products we don’t need?

Is being fat actually unhealthy

What is “healthy”

Health is a state in which an individual shows physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With that said, how can one quantify “health”? How can I determine if an individual is “healthier” than another, or if my 2019 self is “healthier” than my 2017 self?

First of all, I do not see the point in comparing the health levels of two individuals. All I care about is improving my own health. Why? So I have more changes to live a better and longer life.

Obesity and health

Being overweight or obese significantly increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, sleep apnea, arthritis, etc. Diabetes alone is enough to decrease life expectancy by 10 years, and significantly reduce the quality of life.

Can it happen to me?

Based on this study, the risk of diabetes is 28 times greater for people with a BMI of 30 (overweight), and 93 (!) times greater for people with a BMI of 35 (obese). I think you get my point.

Am I obese right now?

Do you know if you classify as normal weight, overweight or obese, based on your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Is your current weight posing an increased risk to your health? Our BMI calculator is coming soon…

To conclude, being overweight or obese is unhealthy, and the only way to prevent or revert this situation is to go back to being a normal weight person.

How I dealt with the extra weight

I was shocked when I first realized that excess fat was the enemy. It didn’t matter if I was already eating clean, avoiding sugar and fast food, and eating all the “healthy” stuff we are being preached to every day. I was overweight, so I was unhealthy. Period.

My approach

So, I prioritized losing the fat, more than eating “healthy”. I put more focus into my nutrition, remembering this simple thus effective rule:

To lose weight, it doesn’t matter what you eat, but how much you eat of it.

Oh, and by “how much” I mean calories! I started tracking my calories and maintained a moderate caloric deficit for a few months. The weight started coming off fast and I could see the results on the mirror, on the scale, and on my girlfriend’s look 😎

Health benefit

being fat is unhealthy

I took some blood tests about 6 months before embarking on my weight loss. My doctor said that the high levels of cholesterol, low iron and 2 other values that were outside the normal range, were not alarming. Even though the doctor was probably right, I felt like a dying man being told that “everything is going to be ok”. I took my next blood tests 18 months later, after losing 40lbs. All values were right in the middle of the “healthy” range and I was happy as ever!

A challenge for you

Take this challengeBefore you start losing your extra weight, and especially if you are obese, go take a blood testA few months later, after you have lost a bunch of weight, take the test again.

Now you have your own indisputable evidence that weight loss improves your overall health

Did you already take this challenge? Share your story in the comments below!




Stavros is an engineer who used to work as an expat and now traveling around the world. He has been obese for a good part of his adult life, until two years ago where things took a happy turn for him. Today, Stavros wants to share his weight loss experiences, tips and mistakes, in hope to inspire other ordinary people to find their way to improve their body, their life, their happiness.


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