What’s the best diet

Key things you should consider when choosing a diet plan

I used to be obsessed over this question.

When I started my weight loss journey, I spend a ton of effort and time hunting for the BEST diet out there. Raise your hand if you are anything like me!

It turned out that… The answer is actually simpler than I thought it would be!

what's the best diet

What makes a diet worth considering?

Before finding the best diet, let’s first agree which diets you should consider.

A diet worth considering is one that can safely get YOU to your goals.

I am sure you agree with this. It doesn’t worth trying it out otherwise.

But there are so many diet plans that they are proven to lead to positive results, right? How can all these different diets work?

Well, they are not as different as you might think!

All diets that work have this #1 thing in common

They all reduce your daily calorie intake aka they put you in a caloric deficit.

Let’s take some examples of the most famous diets these days:

  • Keto Diet: Puts you in a caloric deficit by forcing you to remove carbs i.e. a whole macro-nutrient from your diet
  • Paleo Diet: Puts you in a caloric deficit by forcing you to remove processed foods and dairy from your diet
  • Dash Diet: Puts you in a caloric deficit by forcing you to eliminate sugar and fatty foods from your diet
  • Intermediate Fasting: Puts you in a caloric deficit by giving you less time to eat throughout the day
  • Weight Watchers: Puts you in a caloric deficit by forcing you to eat less sugar and less unhealthy fats

Being in a caloric deficit is the most important factor for weight loss.

Removing calorie-dense foods from your diet like processed foods or sugary treats can help you create this caloric deficit.

Therefore, all these diet examples have what it takes to get you to your goals.

How to make any diet become effective

In order to make any diet that puts you in a calorie deficit actually become effective and start seeing real results, there is this one crucial thing you need to do!

You need to stay consistent.

Whether you’re going to try a plan for a month or two or make an entire lifestyle change, consistency is the required ingredient for success.

Consistently making better food choices and slowly changing your eating habits will allow you not only reach your goals but also maintain results for the long-termΙf you can’t see yourself following a certain style of eating in the future, it’s probably not the approach you should go for. 

What’s the point of starting a diet if you’re not going to stick to it long enough in order to achieve your goal, right?

And what’s the point of achieving your goal if you are not going to make the needed lifestyle changes in order to maintain results?

best diet plan happy woman

How you can choose the best diet for you

First and foremost, let’s make one thing clear:

There’s no such thing as one, universal “best” diet. 

The perfect diet for you is the one that you enjoy so you can stay consistent and stick to it in the long run.

This really depends on your preferences and your lifestyle.

Here are the key things you should consider when choosing a diet plan in order to find the one that is right for you:

1. Must be fun to follow

Will you be enjoying eating the foods on this diet?

Does it include foods that you like?

Will you feel hungry or deprived?

Overly restrictive diets and constant food cravings are the number one reason people break their weight loss progress. It will be easier for you to commit long term if you choose a diet that is flexible and includes a variety of foods from all the major food groups and foods that you enjoy eating.

2. You realistically see yourself sticking to it for the long-term

Do you see yourself following these eating habits for life or they are ones that you can only tolerate for a limited amount of time?

You need to have a really honest conversation with yourself and decide if a diet is really sustainable for you. Are you willing to stick to the eating habits that a diet promotes for the long-term? Achieving your weight loss goal is half the battle. Maintaining results is the other half of the battle and that requires changing some of your habits for life.

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3. Fits into your lifestyle

What changes you will have to make to fit the diet into your current lifestyle?

How much you will need to alter your day to support your diet choice?

You need to think which changes you will be able to make. If a diet plan requires changes that are really difficult for you to work around like kids’ schedules, work schedules, and other life events, then it will be less likely to stick to it. 

4. Promotes safe and healthy weight loss

Last but not least, make sure the plan you choose includes adequate nutrients and calories. Drastically cutting calories or eliminating entire food groups can cause health and nutritional problems. Safe and healthy diets do not require excessive vitamins or supplements.

What you can do now:

Make a list of what is important for you to a diet in order to be able to stick to it:

  • Consider your food preferences, emotional factors and, your health and lifestyle limitations.
  • Another great tip is to evaluate your weight loss history to find reasons that past diets have been unsuccessful.

Then make sure to choose a diet that fits all points in your list. Here are some examples:

Are you a binge eater? Then you need a diet plan that focuses on helping you cope with the emotional reasons behind it.

Do you live an on-the-go lifestyle? Then you could benefit from a diet plan that restricts the time-frame you eat during the day.

Always feeling hungry? Then the best diet could be one that allows for greater food intake by eating low-calorie density foods and foods that reduce hunger.

Whatever choice you end up making, remember to work with your preferences instead of against them!

The right diet for you is the one that keeps you healthy, happy and on-track!

Have you already found the diet that works best for you? Share the pros and cons in the comments below!




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